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24 Character Strengths to Leverage Happiness

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Character strengths play a pivotal role in shaping our lives, enhancing our sense of significance, joy, and overall happiness. It is our natural tendency to focus on our weaknesses, but we can change this by leveraging our unique strengths in order to achieve greater success and well-being.

Contrary to the common belief that financial rewards are the sole drivers of job satisfaction, leveraging our unique strengths at work not only boosts job fulfillment but also improves efficiency and income. The power of virtue goes far beyond the work environment. Finding ways to infuse humor, passion, and a love for exploration into our pastimes can bring greater satisfaction and meaning to our leisure time. Trust me, tapping into your signature strengths can truly make a difference!

According to Marty Seligman and Chris Peterson, we all possess 24 character strengths across 6 different domains, each to varying degrees. Take a look at the following list – you’ll likely find a few that truly resonate with you. These are all of the character strengths that anybody possesses in varying degrees.

Job crafting, a term coined by Amy Wresniewski, a professor at Yale School of Management, is all about taking your routine task description and genuinely exploring how you can infuse more of your unique strengths. It’s about tapping into your authentic self, being passionate about what you do, and building trust in your work.

You’re not just changing your work routine. You’re transforming the way you approach tasks, allowing your unique character strengths to shine through. This not only boosts your happiness but also enhances your efficiency in performing the same tasks.

By leveraging your strengths at work, not only will you find greater enjoyment in your tasks, but you’ll also excel in your role, opening doors to potential promotions. Believe me, unlocking your true potential can truly transform your career journey. Trust that it can make all the difference!

You may not even realize it, but sometimes even mundane jobs can become meaningful when you incorporate your character strengths. It’s true that there may not always be a lot of room for creativity or variety in task crafting. However, let me tell you something – everybody has incredible character strengths that you can tap into. And guess what? You can incorporate those strengths into almost any task you do.

Take, for example, a janitorial personnel working in a coma ward. This person can bring so much more than just cleaning duties. With her love, hope, and kindness, she can make a difference. How? Well, she can arrange the plants on her floor in a way that brings comfort and a sense of peace to the patients. It may seem like a small gesture, but it can have a big impact on her patients’ well-being.

I recently took the enlightening VIA Character Strength Survey to discover my unique character strengths. It’s important to note that having a few strengths towards the bottom of the list doesn’t mean you’re inherently bad at them or that you’ll never be proficient. In fact, these areas can serve as valuable opportunities for personal development. Embracing and harnessing these strengths can unlock a state of flow directly impacting your job satisfaction, daily fulfillment, and overall career happiness.

Scientific research studies on character strengths may be relatively new, but thinkers and scholars have long recognized the value of virtue. The Japanese principle of “ikigai” emphasizes the importance of engaging in meaningful work that aligns with our unique strengths. According to Aristotle, a truly fulfilling life is one that is guided by “eudaimonia” or the cultivation of virtuous qualities.

These timeless principles, rooted in ancient wisdom from around the world, remind us that the pursuit of a meaningful life is greatly influenced by the conscious utilization of our character strengths. When we take the time and effort to uncover our individual strengths, it helps us to access a more meaningful life path that leads to genuine happiness. Remember happiness is not just a character, it’s a skill that requires effort and dedication.

Publisher: Natalie Glass

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